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Godox TL60 4 Light RGB LED Tube Light Kit 750mm

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  • Product Features:

    RGBWW Light Tube
    Color: 2700 to 6500K CRI/TLCI: 96/98
    40 Gel presets built in
    39 Built-in Lighting FX
    Control via remote,App,DMX or control panel
    Built in battery
    75cm length
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    Godox TL60 4 Light RGB LED Tube Light Kit 750mm

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    Godox Tube light TL60 it's designed to give users the freedom to inspire their creativity for endless range of shooting scenarios, like film making, video and photography in anywhere you go. With multiple color modes, CRI 96 and TLCI 98, ultra-smart control system, and flexible tube design, TL 60 enables variety lighting setups to represent impressive performance on highly explore creativity, carry out high efficiency shooting and produce memorable magic moments.

    This RGB Tube Light TL60 is a multifunctional RGB light with dual color temperature, high light brightness and wireless adjustment. Suitable for almost all shooting occasions e.g. live, camping, make up, portrait shooting, make up, video, wedding, children photography, etc. It's portable and easy to be operated.

    Godox TL60 FeaturesGodox TL60 Link.jpg

    • Freely switch LED CCT mode, RGB mode and 39special effects modes.
    • Easy to adjust color temperature, light brightness, hue and color saturation.
    • Blink and change colors with the rhythm of music.
    • Remote control by smpartphone APP/2.4g wireless/DMX.
    • Use in combination to make more creative light groups.

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    What's in the box

    • 4x Godox TL60 RGB Tube Lights
    • 4x 5m Power Cord
    • 4x Adapter
    • 4x RJ45 Cable
    • 4x Clip
    • 4x Steel Cable
    • Carrying bag for packing 4pcs TL60

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