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Try Before You Buy (TBYB)



The TBYB program lets you test equipment for 2 days at your location.

Cost to TBYB is dependent on the item(s) you've chosen, only items listed on the website with a TBYB price are available.

Once you have submitted your request we'll be in contact to advise item availability and associated costs.

How do I order TBYB equipment?

Fill in the form on this page with your contact details and the equipment you want to TBYB.

You can add notes to the request such as asking for additional items like softboxes, stands & other accessories you may require and if available we will provide them.

What equipment can I order?

You can use TBYB equipment from most brands we distribute, and the website will show a TBYB button for available equipment.

What if I want to purchase some of the TBYB equipment?

If you want to purchase some of the equipment you have tried, you have 7 working days after the TBYB start date to make contact in writing requesting the purchase of new equipment the same or similar. If you meet our requirements we will apply 50% of the TBYB fee less any freight, consumables or late fees to the purchase.

TBYB is not an equipment rental service

The TBYB program is designed to allow clients to test equipment in their location before purchasing.

TBYB is not an equipment rental service and your TBYB request may be refused if the same equipment is ordered consecutively or without purchases from previous TBYB requests.

What if I need items that aren't on the TBYB list

If you need additional equipment such as lighting modifiers add them to the form either as an item or in the Notes section. We'll discuss these options with you once we've received the request and checked we have these items available. In some instances, we may have ex-demo or slightly different options we can offer.

Want more information?

You can download the TBYB FAQ, Contract and Terms & Conditions PDF docs from the links on this page.




Download the TBYB FAQ



Download the TBYB Terms & Conditions

TBYB Contract

Download the TBYB Contract