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Elinchrom RX One + 180cm B/W Umbrella & Reflector Kit


Product Features:

Bestselling newborn flash kit now with added reflector kit
Produces soft light with the large umbrella and diffuser
The light stand is made to go very low for newborn photography
The Elinchrom RX ONE allows for shooting at F2.8
Tilt bracket takes weight off the flash head
Flash trigger included for wireless use
Very easy to setup with the umbrella design
Packs away quickly when not being used
Reflector Kit allows control filling in the shadows
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Elinchrom RX One + 180cm B/W Umbrella & Reflector Kit

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This new extension to our popular newborn flash kit has been created so that the Xlite reflector kit can be used with the RX ONE flash and 180cm Black White Umbrella Kit to produce a soft even look when photographing newborns. The new Reflector kit when placed in a position to bounce light back into the subject creates a soft and relatively even result.

The Elinchrom RX One + Xlite 180cm Black / White Umbrella Kit is perfect for everyday use with various subjects as it bounces the light from the flash unit, retaining high efficiency with a wide-angle of coverage. The soft white fabric produces a controlled, feathered fall off with very soft shadows, perfectly round catchlights.

This Xlite Umbrella opens quickly and easily, mounting like a conventional umbrella for easy setup. The shaft is re-enforced for strength and fits any flash unit with a standard 8mm umbrella mount. The Lastolite umbrella mount provided fits to the top of the 2m light stand to provide support for the umbrella and the ability to tilt the flash to meet your needs.

The white surface of the umbrella will provide the softest light output and is best suited when photographing newborns or portraits. When used directly as a bounce modifier, it provides a much larger spread of light than of a softbox and features a controlled, patterned feathering. Its black outer surface prevents rear spill light and lens flare.

When very soft, low-specularity lighting is desired, the addition of the translucent diffuser results in an extremely even, low profile, front-fed softbox that rivals or exceeds the very best on the market. The area of coverage is widened to approximately 150° of absolutely even light, with a corresponding drop in output to similar levels as conventional softboxes.

105cm Xlite 5-In-1 Reflector

The 105cm Xlite 5-In-1 Reflector offers convenient options for photographers and videographers to affect the color and quality of the light. A reversible sleeve has gold, silver, black, and white surfaces that zip around a translucent white disc.

The gold side provides a late afternoon sun look while the silver bounces a cooler, more contrasty look with an emphasis on highlights and specularity. The white side provides a soft, neutral reflectance that's great for filling in shadows and raising the tonal value of the shot. The black side provides negative reflectance or absorption of light. Use it to block light or subtract reflected light and create shadows or a lighting ratio. Used on its own, the translucent disc will quickly diffuse a harsh light source or reduce shadows and contrast in midday sunlight. The 5-in-1 sets up immediately and folds down quickly to one third its open size for storage and transport. 
The Xlite Compact Reversible Stand 2.1m and the Xlite Reflector Clip work well with the 5:1 reflector and make a very useful kit that can be used in may situations or individually.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Very easy umbrella-style mount (8mm pole)
  • Heat resistant, high-quality fabrics.
  • Delivered with a bag that protects the umbrella during storage and transport.
  • Wider coverage with controlled, feathered fall-off
  • Very soft shadows with perfect round catchlights
  • Meticulously designed arc shape for even light
  • 12 Month Warranty and 24 Months on the Elinchrom components

“ By using the Xlite Reflector kit I am able to gently fill and control my shadows. Getting it right in camera cuts down on my editing time significantly which is always good.”

Lauren McGill

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Elinchrom RX ONE Studio Flash Head
  • 1 x Elinchrom Skyport Plus "New"
  • 1 x Xlite 180cm Jumbo Black / White Umbrella 8mm Shaft
  • 1 x Xlite Translucent Diffuser for Umbrella 180cm
  • 2 x Xlite Compact Reversible Stand 2.1m
  • 1 x Xlite Tilt Head
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x Sync Lead
  • 1 x Xlite Reflector Clip
  • 1 x Xlite 105cm 5 in 1 Reflector
  • 12 Month Warranty and 24 Months on the Elinchrom components

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