Epson Surecolor P906 Optional Roll Paper Unit


Product Features:

Accepts Roll Media From 330 - 432mm Wide
Works with Rolls up to 30m Long
Compatible with 2 Inch & 3 Inch Core Sizes
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Epson Surecolor P906 Optional Roll Paper Unit

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This optional accessory enables the use of roll-based media in widths from 13 Inch to 17 Inch supplied on either a 2 Inch or 3 Inch core. It attaches to the rear of the printer and supports a range of media types with prints made borderless or with borders. 

Important Notes:
Prints up to a maximum length of 3.3m can be made however accurate sizing cannot be guaranteed for prints over 1.1m. A minimum of 50mm will be lost at the start of each print job and a further 14mm at the end of each print job due to media feed requirements. If multiple images are sent to print as a single job border between the images can be reduced to as small as 0mm.
The printer does not include an auto-cutter so manual cutting is required. When printing on matte media resolution is restricted to a maximum of 1440x720dpi.
Media with a weight of LESS THAN 250gsm may only be used if mounted on a 2 Inch core. If such media is used on a 3 Inch core it can damage the printer and invalidate the warranty.


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