Godox V-11C Colour Effects Set for AK-R1


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15 x Creative Colour Gels, 2 x Each
For V1, H200R & Flashes w/ S-R1 Adapter
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Godox V-11C Colour Effects Set for AK-R1


The Godox V-11C Colour Effects Set is a complete collection of colour lighting gels to alter global colour or to better add dramatic, vivid, or artistic effects during flash photography at the source, like the Godox V1 and H200R or any speedlight with an S-R1 adapter ( H200R and SR-1 Needs AK-R13 adaptor ). The Set includes 2 of 15 distinct essential colours, totaling 30 gel filters, to set your creativity on fire.

The Gels fit snugly and attach securely within the magnetized frame disk in the accessory kit of any Round Flash Head. The process of color perfection is a blend of white balance in your camera and colour balance on your speedlights, producing consistent and uniform color in mixed lighting environments. Pinpoint the light source you want to match, select the appropriate color correction gels, and then attach the gels to the flash. Always set a custom white balance, or set the camera to the same WB as the attached Flashpoint correction gel.


The Godox V-11C Colour Effects Set Includes:

  • 2 x Straw
  • 2 x Light Amber
  • 2 x Golden Amber
  • 2 x Bastard Amber
  • 2 x Light Flame
  • 2 x Light Red
  • 2 x No Color Pink
  • 2 x Middle Rose
  • 2 x Light Rose Purple
  • 2 x Surprise Pink
  • 2 x No Color Blue
  • 2 x Daylight Blue
  • 2 x Primary Blue
  • 2 x Moss Green
  • 2 x Blue Green