Sekonic RT-3PW Pocket Wizard Transmitter For L-858D


Product Features:

For Speedmaster L-858D Light Meter
Adds PocketWizard Radio Triggering
Access to 32 Channels and Four Zones
Adjust Flash Power & Modeling Light
ControlTL System Support
Frequency: 344 MHz
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Sekonic RT-3PW Pocket Wizard Transmitter For L-858D

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Please note due to a global shortage of semiconductors Sekonic is experiencing temporary delays in production of several of its Lightmeters

The next estimated shipment of this model to Australia is September 2021. This is only an estimate and dates may change.

Add a 433 MHz PocketWizard-compatible radio triggering protocol to your Speedmaster L-858D light meter with this RT-3PW PocketWizard Transmitter Module from Sekonic. Able to be fitted into the system, this module provides multiple functions beyond triggering, including access to 32 channels and up to four zones and support for the ControlTL system, enabling users to remotely control flash power and turn the modeling light on and off.