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Xlite Muslin Grey Background 3x6m Inc Bag


Product Features:

Seamless 100% cotton muslin backgrounds
Backgrounds inc pocket to insert support pole
Cold washable
Low heat ironable but steamer is preferred
Carry bag included

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Xlite Muslin Grey Background 3x6m Inc Bag

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The Xlite muslin 100% cotton backgrounds are ideal for television and video production, as well as digital photography. The stitched pole pocket means you can attach it to a backdrop stand kit, they can also be draped, hung, gathered or cinched under, over or around products, props and people making them extremely diverse.

The 100% seamless muslin cotton material helps to absorb light and reduce any reflections to prevent unwanted damage from long-term use.  Another benefit of using 100% cotton muslin backdrops is that they can be machine washed, they crease less and are much easier to iron should you need to.

Care Instructions: If ironing is necessary, please iron the back of the backdrop with a steam iron, not a dry iron. If you have one use a steamer for best results.



  • Made from 100% Seamless muslin cotton
  • Helps to absorb light and reduce reflections
  • Colour: Grey
  • Size: 3x6m
  • Carry bag included
  • 3 Inch stitched pole pocket for crossbar hanging
  • All edges are finished to prevent tearing or damage
  • Creases less than other cheaper materials but is also easily ironed if needed

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