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Xlite Standard Backround Kit + Black / Chromakey 3x3m Muslin


Product Features:

Inc; STD Background Kit and a Black & Chromakey 3x3 Muslin
Seamless 100% cotton muslin backgrounds
Backgrounds inc pocket to insert support pole
Cold washable
Low heat ironable but steamer is preferred
Carry bags included

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Xlite Standard Backround Kit + Black / Chromakey 3x3m Muslin

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The Xlite Standard Backround Kit with Black and Chromakey Green 3x3m Muslin 100% cotton backgrounds are ideal for television and video production, as well as digital photography. The stitched pole pocket means you can attach it to a backdrop stand kit, they can also be draped, hung, gathered or cinched under, over or around products, props and people making them extremely diverse.

The 100% seamless muslin cotton material helps to absorb light and reduce any reflections to prevent unwanted damage from long-term use.  Another benefit of using 100% cotton muslin backdrops is that they can be machine washed, they crease less and are much easier to iron should you need to.

Care Instructions: If ironing is necessary, please iron the back of the backdrop with a steam iron, not a dry iron. If you have one use a steamer for best results.

Muslin Features:

  • Made from 100% Seamless muslin cotton
  • Helps to absorb light and reduce reflections
  • Colour: Black and Chromakey Green
  • Size: 3x3m
  • Carry bag included
  • 3 Inch stitched pole pocket for crossbar hanging
  • All edges are finished to prevent tearing or damage
  • Creases less than other cheaper materials but is also easily ironed if needed


Xlite Standard Backround Kit

This professional quality light stand set offers maximum support with minimum bulk. It is made of attractive black steel, making it sturdy and very stable to hold your medium sized flash or LED Lights as well as most lighting accessories as reflectors. It has a fixed 1/4 inch spigot and comes in a black carry bag for convenience.

For added security the light stand is spring loaded to prevent damage to your lights or accessories.

Standard Backround Kit Features:

  • 2x 2.6m Stands
  • 1x 3m Telescopic Pole
  • Maximum Height: 260cm
  • Minimum Height: 103cm
  • Closed Length: 88cm
  • Risers: 2
  • Max Load: 6.5Kg 

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