Calibrite Colorchecker Mini Classic


Product Features:

Helps Ensure Accurate Color Balance
Array of 24 Colored Squares
Small 2.5in x 4in Target
Create Color and White Balance Profiles
Achieve true-to-life color reproduction
Minimize tedious trial-and-error color adjustments
Simplify camera and studio lighting balance
Great for macro work
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Calibrite Colorchecker Mini Classic

Essential Add-On's we recommend


A mini target for close up work.


At just 1/8th the size of the ColorChecker Classic Standard, the Mini is ideal for small projects and close up shots. This target is perfect for working in product photography when you need to make sure the product is correct and need a target that has a small foot print in the image. It is also perfect for copy work because with it’s construction it can easily fit within a copy frame. It can be used in conjunction with the ColorChecker Camera calibration software to create the custom profile to save time in editing your photos.