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Illuminate Event

FREE Illuminate Filmmaker Event in Melbourne and Sydney

Postponed till further notice

The free Illuminate events will be held in Melbourne and Sydney and will enable attendees to explore all areas of filmmaking including art direction, set design, cinematography, lighting, sound and audio.

These events will educate attendees on the benefits of using Mirrorless and Professional Cinematic Cameras with all the associated Audio, Lighting and Grip equipment.


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Lighting Techniques Using Studio Flash Workshop

Postponed till further notice

Lighting does more than just expose your image.

It’s one of the very basic tools that imagemakers have at their disposal to create an atmosphere for their image. While you need a certain quantity of light to give your image the proper exposure, it’s actually the quality of the light that creates the look for your photograph.

If you’re looking for a basic lesson in the differences between hard light and soft light, and what they can do for your image, look no further. 

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Speedlite Flash Workshop

Postponed till further notice

If you would like to know more about how to light your portraits using only speedlite's, then join us for an informative workshop focused on portrait lighting techniques using primarily speedlites.

If you only have one light don't worry, as we will start with simple but effective one speedlite set-ups, and then progress on to multiple speedlites and we will end with a combination of speedlites and studio flash.

We will look at the various modifiers that are available to help you shape the light to your requirements and help you create dramatic portraits in varied conditions.


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Short Format Fine Art Printing Workshop

Postponed till further notice

Tired of Prints that don’t match your monitor? The fact is all your devices – scanners, digital cameras, monitors, and printers – reproduce colours differently. There are even differences in the way individual printers of the same model manage colour.

Many variables affect colour, including your ink and paper type.

At Kayell Australia we use specific lighting, spectrophotometers and colour management software to create profiles for all your devices. A profile provides a description of each device’s colour gamut – the range of reproducible colour. You use these profiles in your workflow, and the result is an accurate translation from one device to the next, giving you consistent, predictable colour.

If you want to take that next step understanding beyond the basics, this short course run by Kayell Australia staff will be perfect for you.