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The Kayell Australia Speedlite Workshops
If you would like to know more about how to light your portraits using only speedlite's, then join us for an informative night of portrait lighting techniques using primarily speedlites. If you only have one light don't worry, as we will start with simple but effective one speedlite set-ups, and then progress on to multiple speedlites and we will end with a combination of speedlites and studio flash. We will look at the various modifiers that are available to help you shape the light to your requirements and help you create dramatic portraits in varied conditions.
At Kayell Australia we know the value of education and we wanted this workshop to include education from some of our talented staff. With that in mind we have allocated at the beginning of each shoot time to breakdown each set and explain the choice of flash, modifiers and accessories being used and how these choices will deliver the desired effect you will be shooting
Speedlites are such a versatile light source and can be used to light just about anything. With a variety of modifiers available you can shape the light to create dramatic images. With Manual, TTL, High Speed Sync (HSS) the possibilities are endless.

The workshop will cover:

• Speedlite terminology
• Fundamentals of light
• Hard and soft light
• Light Fall-off
• On and Off Camera Flash
• Placement and distance of one, and multiple speedlites
• Using various modifiers to shape the light
• Using Gels
• Manual and TTL Flash
• Flash Exposure Compensation
• Using Group Mode
• Transceivers and Receivers
• High Speed Sync
• Freezing movement with Flash Duration
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Date: Sunday 2nd of May 2021

Location: Kayell Australia's Melbourne Showroom

Address: 108 Johnston Street Collingwood

Time: Doors Open 12.45pm, Start 1.00pm and Finish approximately 4.00pm

Price: $220.00





Date: Sunday 2nd of May 2021

Location: Kayell Australia's Sydney Showroom

Address: 30 Whiting Street Artarmon

Time: Doors Open 12.45pm, Start 1.00pm and Finish approximately 4.00pm

Price: $220.00