Xlite Turtle Base C Stand Only Silver


Product Features:

Stainless steel material and heavy duty structure make it durable for long time use
Max Load: 10Kg
Maximum Height: 325cm
Folded Height: 147cm
The removable base allows easier storage & versatility
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Xlite Turtle Base C Stand Only Silver

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This Xlite Turtle Base Silver C Stand only has the unique staggered leg design which allows it to be nested and placed extremely close to one another on a set.

A "turtle base" is an industry term where the riser section can be quickly removed from the base for easy transportation and the base can be used with a stand adapter for a low mounting position.



  • Can be used for mounting LED and strobe lights, reflectors, umbrellas, softboxes and other lighting equipment both for studio and on-site use
  • Made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, giving it exceptional strength for heavy duty work
  • The surface of the C Stand is machined to create a non-slip surface
  • Innovative design on the C Stand base allows individual legs to be set at any angle, and can be positioned in locations not possible with classic stands.
  • The legs can also fold in and have a lock to lock them in place
  • Sandbags can be placed on the legs to increase the base weight (Sold Separately)


Lighting Stand Specification:

  • Maximum Height: 325cm
  • Minimum Height: 147cm
  • Closed Length: 135cm
  • Risers: 2
  • Max Load: 10Kg
  • Weight: 7.2Kg approx