SmallHD Vision 24" 4K HDR Production Monitor


Product Features:

Over 2100 Zones of local dimming!
115% DCI-P3 Colour Gamut
1000 nits brightness
4096 x 2160 Resolution
1,000,000 contrast ratio
Pages OS4
4 x 12G SDI Input/Output
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SmallHD Vision 24" 4K HDR Production Monitor


Vision 24 allows you to see as your camera sees. Engineered to equal modern sensors’ increased sensitivity to highlight and lowlight image retention. Powered by SmallHDR™, a proprietary Full-Array Local Dimming (FALD) hardware that enables nuanced control of over 2100 zones, rendering hyper-sharp contrasts with deep blacks, crisp highlights, and a stunning 10-bit colour depth. Ideal for use in any production environment where HDR monitoring is a necessity, Vision 24 provides the added security that every detail is captured.

Shipping September!