SmallHD Vision 17" 4K HDR Production Monitor


Product Features:

Over 2400 Zones of local dimming!
115% DCI-P3 Colour Gamut
1000 nits brightness
3840 x 2160 Resolution
True HDR, PQ & HDR:10
1,000,000 contrast ratio
Pages OS4
4 x 12G SDI Input/Output
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SmallHD Vision 17" 4K HDR Production Monitor


The first 17” mobile monitor for 4K HDR production. Employing the same SmallHDR™ dual-modulation hardware as Vision 24, this 17” FALD counterpart boasts over 2400 zones, with 1000nits of brightness to achieve perfect uniformity in contrasts & latitude, with even deeper blacks and greater highlight detail. Compact, durable, and lightweight, Vision 17 is capable of traveling to any on-set environment. 

Shipping September!