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INOVATIV AXIS Command Station

51.AXCS 0001

Product Features:

Complete AXIS solution
Dual monitor Pro mounts
Rotate your workstation 360 Degrees around the stand
Patented vDrop system for single operator use
2m fully extended
7.6cm diameter stand
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INOVATIV AXIS Command Station

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The AXIS Command Station is the ideal companion when you need to accommodate multiple users with different working height requirements. This setup can be used both on location and in the studio where the benefits of its portable design allow you to move from one set to the next with ease.

This is the only kit that includes the Dual Bar with two Pro Monitor Mounts, and both a Top and Bottom Drawer to provide the extra storage you need on set.

There won’t be any blood, sweat and tears with the assembly of this kit. INOVATIV’s patented vDrop design allows accessories to easily be mounted and removed from the AXIS Stand by one person, allowing you to customise your workstation without breaking your back.

The AXIS Stand, roughly 7.6cm in diameter, is an aluminium black stand with anodised orange leg straps and is height adjustable. When fully extended it is roughly 200cm tall and 128cm long when collapsed.

The WorkSurface Pro comes with the Top Drawer for AXIS Command Station. It is a one-of-a-kind workstation designed with the patented vDrop System that allows you to mount this workstation onto any stand that is up to 5cm in diameter, giving you the freedom to be creative just about anywhere. With features like the capability of being able to rotate your workstation 360 Degrees around the stand to give flexibility of your setup, a pass-through cable management hole for a clean workspace, handles and height adjustability; makes it a must have accessory.

The top surface of the WorkSurface Pro has three edges with no edge on the working side in an effort to provide a flat surface for computer keyboard and mouse accessibility. There are handles on both sides of the WorkSurface Pro so that you can carry or relocate the WorkSurface Pro with ease. Lastly the top is finished with our black, durable outdoor marine carpet and a pass-through cable management hole to keep a cleaner organised work surface.

The Case Platform provides an efficient workflow that’s height adjustable. It supports most Pelican style cases to which then you can quickly access your tools and includes a Bottom Drawer for extra storage. Tie Down Anchors are also included which when used provide extra security when moving the AXIS Command Station from one spot to the next.

The Dual Bar easily connects to anything up to 5cm diameter and comes with two Baby Pins and two Pro Monitor Mounts. The Pro Monitor Mounts connect to Baby Pins that can be threaded into the dual bar in multiple positions to accommodate a variety of monitor sizes.

There are three must have accessory add-ons for the Dual Bar. A small hook for cable management, a Baby Pin mounting bracket that off-sets the pin and can be mounted in multiple positions on the Dual Bar, and finally the Crossbar Baby Pin Plug. The Dual Bar is height adjustable and capable of holding up to 22.6kg.

The Trough attached to the base of the stand provides convenience for gear like battery packs, extra lenses, backup cameras and more.

AXIS Command Station Wheels are equipped with INOVATIV’s 8” premium quick-release wheel system. Each wheel is comprised of both strong steel adapters and lightweight aluminium caster parts that feature 100% sealed bearings and INOVATIV’s powerful foot brakes. The wheel system was designed to offset the centre of gravity for increased stability.

The Weight Hanger is a new accessory that can be attached on one of the stand legs. It’s a quick release, spring loaded weight hanger that has a hook to attach the AXIS 11kg Weight Bag.


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