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51.AXD 0001

Product Features:

Versatile workstation solution
Re-create smaller more rugged setups when on the road
Patented vDrop system for single operator use
Designed to offset the center of gravity for increased stability
2m fully extended
Works perfectly with INOVATIV’s DigiCase Pro or the 1535 Pro Ultra kit
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AXIS DigiStation was created with the traveling adventurer in mind. Whether you are a DIT, Digital Tech, Photographer, on set colourist or in the advertising industry and your work requires shooting full productions while on the road, this setup gives the flexibility to create a smaller, rugged, and more versatile workstation.

There won’t be any blood, sweat and tears with the assembly of this kit. INOVATIV’s patented vDrop design allows accessories to easily be mounted and removed from the AXIS Stand by one person, allowing you to customise your workstation without breaking your back.

The AXIS Stand, roughly 7.6cm in diameter, is an aluminium black stand with anodised orange leg straps and is height adjustable. When fully extended it is roughly 200cm tall and 128cm long when collapsed.

AXIS DigiStation is a portable workstation that can be kept in the studio or on location. Need to travel with your gear? No problem. Leave the AXIS Stand and wheels at home and take the modular components with you on the road. The modular components can be easily removed from the stand and packed for travel.

If you own INOVATIV’s DigiCase Pro or the 1535 Pro Ultra kit, you can combine it with the AXIS DigiStation for a more versatile and efficient workstation. AXIS DigiStation comes with a Digi Platform that is an ideal setup for the DigiCase Pro or any product in that size range. The Digi Platform has edges on all four sides to keep items placed on top secure.

A VESA compatible monitor can be attached to the Pro Monitor Mount, which is height adjustable on the riser sections of the AXIS Stand. Whether you like to work with your monitor at eye level or taller, the AXIS Stand’s height adjustability provides you with enough adjustment to find that ideal viewing angle. The Pro Monitor Mount on the stand pin can go as high as 228cm or as low as 139cm.

The Trough attached to the base of the stand provides convenience for gear like battery packs, extra lenses, backup cameras and more.

AXIS DigiStation wheels are equipped with INOVATIV’s 8” premium quick-release wheel system. Each wheel is comprised of both strong steel adapters and lightweight aluminium caster parts that feature 100% sealed bearings and INOVATIV’s powerful foot brakes. The wheel system was designed to offset the centre of gravity for increased stability.

The Weight Hanger is a new accessory that can be attached on one of the stand legs. It’s a quick release, spring loaded weight hanger that has a hook to attach the AXIS 11.3kg Weight Bag.

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