SmallHD D-Tap To Sony L-Series Dummy


Product Features:

Dummy Sony L-Series to D-Tap
Perfect for Gimbal use
Fits SmallHD Focus
Dummy Sony NPF to D-Tap
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SmallHD D-Tap To Sony L-Series Dummy

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This dummy battery to D-Tap allows you to power any SmallHD monitor with an NP battery bracket through a D-Tap connection. Perfect for Gimbal use where a D-Tap power out is available. 

Compatible with:

  • Focus 5 & 7(all units)
  • 701 Lite
  • 702 Lite
  • 702 Bright (including Black Edition)
  • 702 OLED
  • 503/703 Ultrabright (when used with L-series battery plate)
  • 703 Bolt
  • 702 Touch
  • Cine 7