Godox H200R Round Flash Head for AD200


Product Features:

Attaches to AD200 Flash
Generates 200Ws Flash Output
Spiral Flash Tube for Soft, Even Light
Optional Accessories for Magnetic Mount
4.3W Modeling Lamp
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Godox H200R Round Flash Head for AD200

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Godox just keeps coming up with ways to add versatility to the AD200 TTL Pocket Flash. This time it's the Witstro H200R Round Flash Head. The 3 Inch diameter head attaches quickly and easily to the AD200, allowing it to tap into its 200Ws reservoir of power, while the H200R's spiral flash tube outputs a soft, wide beam of light with gentle falloff and a minimized hot spot. The head also has a 4.3W modeling light to allow you to preview your final shot. One of the head's handiest features is a magnetic front accessory port that allows very fast attachment of optional accessories such as barndoors, a honeycomb grid, a snoot, and diffusion and colour filters.