Godox H200R Round Flash Head for AD200


Product Features:

Attaches to AD200 Flash
Generates 200Ws Flash Output
Spiral Flash Tube for Soft, Even Light
Optional Accessories for Magnetic Mount
4.3W Modeling Lamp
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Godox H200R Round Flash Head for AD200


Godox just keeps coming up with ways to add versatility to the AD200 TTL Pocket Flash. This time it's the Witstro H200R Round Flash Head. The 3 Inch diameter head attaches quickly and easily to the AD200, allowing it to tap into its 200Ws reservoir of power, while the H200R's spiral flash tube outputs a soft, wide beam of light with gentle falloff and a minimized hot spot. The head also has a 4.3W modeling light to allow you to preview your final shot. One of the head's handiest features is a magnetic front accessory port that allows very fast attachment of optional accessories such as barndoors, a honeycomb grid, a snoot, and diffusion and colour filters.