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Lastolite Hilite Background 2.5 x 2.15m


Product Features:

Sets up very easily and collapses just as easily
Great for Hi Key Photography
Can be used as an even background
Can be used as a softbox
Free Standing
Comes woith a carry Bag
Available Soon
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Lastolite Hilite Background 2.5 x 2.15m

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The HiLite backgrounds range allows the photographer to work in a way that was extremely difficult to achieve in the past. With the HiLite the photographer can achieve 'High Key' photography on location and in restrictive spaces.

By rear lighting the white background itself there is no longer a need to use a background light behind the subject. Furthermore, because the background is actually illuminated it means the subject can stand virtually right in front of it without casting a shadow.

The HiLite backgrounds also works as a large rear softbox and illuminates the subject as well, meaning you can use just one other flash head to light the subject from the front. What's more, the whole thing is collapsible.



Lifetime Rim Guarantee

If the rim breaks or comes apart the item will be fixed free of charge.

Triple Re-Enforced Stitch Line

Over 30 stitches per inch ensures steel rims won't be popping out of the rim tape

Collapses To One Third Of Original Size

In seconds the item closes down to a convenient size for portability and storage.

Free Standing

Don't have to use a background support system.

Can be set up in portrait or landscape

Provides ultimate flexibility in setup.

Compatible With Multiple Light Sources

This item will work with Studio Flash or LED Lights

Patented Design

Another unique product from Lastolite.

Bag included

For easier storage and transport.

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