Rosco CalColor Flash Gel Pack for Speedlites


Product Features:

Patented system of lighting filters
Sized to fit most speedlight strobes
33 different filters
Size: 3.81cm x 13.97cm
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Rosco CalColor Flash Gel Pack for Speedlites

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CalColor™ is a patented system of lighting filters that are calibrated to produce pure primary and secondary colors for camera. The kit contains two pieces of each of the 33 CalColor™ filters that can be used to predictably add or subtract color from your shot. Each filter is sized to fit most speedlight strobes.

Each Flash Pack comes with two bands for strapping the filters to your speedlight A large number of filters separated into compartments for easy sorting

Sheet size:

Two 1.5" x 5.5" (3.81 cm x 13.97 cm) cut each of 33 different filters