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Xlite Heavy Duty Tilt Bracket with Spigots


Product Features:

Has a locking umbrella socket that will accept umbrella shafts up to 8mm diameter
Bracket tilts to make aiming the light or flash easy
Supplied with two spigots
Heavy-Duty cast alloy construction
Rachet handle for easy tightening
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Xlite Heavy Duty Tilt Bracket with Spigots

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The Xlite Heavy Duty Tilt Bracket is a sturdy, well thought out piece of grip equipment that allows you to mount a light and umbrella on stands up to 5/8" diameter. The tilt handle is a ratcheting type that allows you to reposition it as you tighten it down- a very handy feature in restricted spaces.

Two reversible 5/8" threaded studs are included. One is a female 1/4"-20 to female 3/8" that can be used as a stand adapter and the other is a male 1/4"-20 to male 3/8"-16 that can be screwed into a flash with a female tap and another 1/4” male – 3/8” male spigot for mounting a studio head. The studs are tightened down with a large sliding T-handle while the swivel tightens onto the stand with a large knob. The Swivel Adaptor's umbrella receptacle will accept 7mm and 8mm umbrella shafts.

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