Godox Beauty Dish White 42cm S Type + Grid


Product Features:

Soft Look with an Edge of Crispness
S-Type and Bowens Mount
Aluminium Grid included
Centre Deflector for softer results
White Diffusion Sock included
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Godox Beauty Dish White 42cm S Type + Grid


This 42cm beauty dish comes with a soft white inner and a silver deflector. The deflector dome reflects light into the main dish producing soft diffused light. It's a great alternative to a softbox and as an option you can purchase a removable honeycomb grid to create a directional light and elliminate harsh shadows. It's easily removed, attached by 3 metal clips. The grid helps to reduce the scattering of light and obtains a soft diffusion. Both can be used in combination in producing a soft transitional edge, good stereoscopic effects. 


  • 42cm Beauty Dish
  • S-Type Mount and fits Bowens Flashes
  • Silver Deflector included
  • Honecomb grid