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Godox ML100 Bi-Colour LED Light With Handle AK-B02


Product Features:

Light with 15 & 36° Lens Reflectors
Output: 3670 Lux at 1m (5600K)
AC or Battery Power
CRI 97 | TLCI 98
Godox Mount, Optional Bowens Adapter
Inc Power Bank Holder & V-Mount Battery Handgrip
2800-6500K CCT
Onboard & App Control
Compact & Portable Design
Inc AC Cable & Storage Bag
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Godox ML100 Bi-Colour LED Light With Handle AK-B02


A great tool for on-the-go shooting, the ML100Bi Bi-Colour Portable LED Light 36° Lens & V-Mount Handgrip Kit from Godox features both a 15 and 36° lens reflector for maximum flexibility. This kit also includes a V-mount battery handgrip as a portable power source for an optional battery. With the grip, you can freely move the ML100Bi in the field. Godox conveniently supplies a storage bag for protection and transportation.

Godox ML100Bi Bi-Colour Portable LED Light

Compact enough to hold in your hand or slip into your bag, the ML100Bi Bi-Colour Portable LED Lightfrom Godox, with an elegant white body, is the ideal pocket light to take anywhere. Featuring a 4.8 x 4.3 x 1.8" size, flexible power possibilities, and variable colour temperature output, the ML100Bi can be used in a wide range of places, from interior to exterior setups, working great for on-the-go shootings. The fixture comes with an innovative 15° lens reflector that increases its output while being interchangeable with an optional 36° one. In addition to a bi-colour punch, the ML100Bi also offers 11 selectable lighting effects to choose from, for creating the exact mood you need.

Bi-Colour Punch & Colour Accuracy
The ML100Bi has an adjustable colour temperature output from 2800 to 6500K, and it features 0 to 100% dimming. With high CRI/TLCI ratings of 97/98, the fixture delivers exceptional colour accuracy. Even in its compact and portable form factor, the bare light has an illuminance of 3670 lux at 1m (5600K), which expands to an impressive 34,300 lux using the included 15° lens reflector.
Efficient Lens Reflectors
The ML100Bi's 15° lens reflector enhances contrast and image clarity by reducing light scattering. Two lens options are available, the included 15° and an optional 36°, allowing you to meet different lighting requirements. Unlike standard reflectors, the ML100Bi ones are much smaller and more convenient. They improve the performance and flexibility of the ML100Bi by modifying its beam spread.
11 Built-In Effects
The light gives you 11 creative lighting effects, such as flash, lightning, cloudy, broken bulb, TV, candle, fire, fireworks, explosion, welding, and SOS.
Onboard & App Control
You can easily manage the light settings locally on the fixture or wirelessly at 98.4' using your smartphone and the Godox Light app.
Power Anywhere
Suitable for a variety of lighting setups, the ML100Bi runs on AC power thanks to the included adapter and cord, but it will also run on a separately available V-mount battery or power bank when AC power is unavailable.
  • Optional V-mount battery with 14.8V voltage using the separately available AK-B02 battery handgrip
  • Optional power bank using a separately available USB-C cable
  • Optional power bank holder accessory to mount an optional power bank to your light
The unit features a 1/4"-20 hole at its bottom to give you the option of mounting the ML100Bi on a variety of optional tripods and accessories.
Optional Accessories
The light is compatible with an array of optional accessories thanks to its proprietary Godox mount. A Bowens adapter is also available separately to expand your lighting control and creative possibilities.
Compact & Portable Design
This compact white-body light is lightweight at approximately one pound and small enough to carry in your gear bag.
Additional Details
  • 120W power
  • Fan cooled
Godox Lens Reflector for ML100Bi (36°)

This 36° Lens Reflector from Godox is a valuable light shaper that expands the capabilities of your ML100Bi LED fixture. This modifier has a 36° beam angle and features a Godox mount, allowing you to replace the 15° lens reflector that comes with the ML100B and modify its beam spread.

Godox Battery Handgrip for ML60IIBi (V-Mount)

Take the ML60IIBi's portable design to a new level with this Battery Handgrip from Godox. This handheld accessory accepts a separately available V-mount battery that will run the fixture in the field, so you can operate in any location regardless of AC power availability.


In the Box

  • Godox ML100Bi Bi-Color Portable LED Light
  • Lens Reflector (15°)
  • Holder and Lamp Head Protective Cover
  • Power Adapter and AC Power Cord
  • Godox Lens Reflector for ML100Bi (36°)
  • Godox Battery Handgrip for ML60IIBi (V-Mount)
  • Storage Bag

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