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Godox ADS200 Stick Flash Head for AD200Pro

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    For AD200/AD200Pro Pocket Flashes
    200Ws, 5600K Colour Temperature
    Throws a 360° Beam Spread
    Unique Cylindrical-Like Design
    Soft, Even Light Quality
    Compact and Portable, Fits Tight Spaces
    Includes Barndoors
    Includes Carry Bag
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    Godox ADS200 Stick Flash Head for AD200Pro

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    With a unique cylindrical-like design, Godox introduces the ADS200 Stick Flash Head – a handy addition to the brand's most versatile flash system. Designed to work with the AD200/AD200Pro pocket flashes, this 65cm long transparent flash tube will help you create a distinct look in the studio or on location. Comfortable to be handheld, the stick offers the ability to operate in both tight or larger spaces, enabling a wide 360° beam spread. Also, it is made to ensure consistent and even lighting in a huge range of atmospheres and environments. A carry bag is supplied for storage and transportation.

    Expanded Capabilities
    Driven by the exceptional performance of AD200/AD200Pro, the ADS200 is a useful addition to the family. Connect it to the pocket flashes with a simple push and you will be ready to light up any shooting space.
    Impactful Direct Light Source
    Capable of being used as a fill light, the ADS200 is compact enough to fit in a car, small dressing rooms, or even the most confined spaces. This distinctive light wraps around your subject evenly, producing a soft and natural illuminance even without an additional modifier. It also works great for portraits, jewelry, artwork, and product shots. With no diffusion, the ADS200 elevates your photo work by highlighting vivid colors, textures, and details.
    Controllable Light
    Metal barndoors are included for precise control of the light. Quickly adjust the barndoors to modify its beam from 180° to narrower angles. The ADS200 is lightweight enough to be handheld or mounted almost anywhere. Its standard threaded bottom is widely compatible with optional light stands.
    • 200Ws flash power
    • 5600K color temperature

    Godox AD-S200 Specs

    Key Specs
    Maximum Power
    200 Ws
    Color Temperature
    5600K +/- 200K
    Flash Head
    Maximum Power
    200 Ws
    Color Temperature
    5600K +/- 200K
    Mobile App Compatible
    H: 652.0 x W: 210.0 x L: 60.0 mm
    1.12 kg


    In the Box

    • Godox ADS200 Stick Flash Head
    • Barndoors
    • Carry Bag


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