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Godox KNOWLED F600 Bi-Colour Flex LED 1200x1200mm

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    IP65 Water-Resistance
    High-Quality X-Frame
    Unrivalled Colour Accuracy
    Flicker-free performance
    Perfect for illuminating, tv studios, and movie sets

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    Godox KNOWLED F600 Bi-Colour Flex LED 1200x1200mm

    Essential Add-On's we recommend


    KNOWLED Flexible Waterproof LED Mat 

    The GODOX Flexible Waterproof LED Mat is a high-powered Bi-color Flexible LED Panel that has been specially designed to fit the needs of the film and television industry. This LED features an ultra-slim profile, and flexible design, allowing it to be placed in positions that are either very difficult or impossible for regular video light fixtures. It has a CRI and TLCI of ≥96 for impeccable color rendition. It supports Industry-Standard DMX512 control protocol, as well as Godox’s own RC-R9 2.4GHz Wireless Remote and Bluetooth enabling it to be used with the GODOX Light App. ideal for large productions. This is perfect for large-scale Film and TV productions. and is also suitable for Broadcasting and Commercial Video production, as well as for use on movie sets.

    KNOWLED Flexible Waterproof LED Mat 


    One of the Key features of the GODOX Flexible Waterproof LED Mat is its foldable design. When opened, it becomes a large light source, producing soft even lighting, even without a softbox (sold separately). When not in use it can be folded down to a fraction of its full size, for portability. It can also be placed in positions that would be very difficult or impossible for other light fixtures, giving you added flexibility.


    GODOX Flexible Waterproof LED Mat


    The LED Panel supports a wide range of international Industry-standard control methods, making it easy to integrate into your current work pipeline. It supports DMX512 control protocol, which enables you to control a single unit or multiple units from a DMX control console. LumenRadio CRMX Control system is also available when used with the TimoLink Receiver (Sold Separately). This makes the F600BI perfect for large film and television productions that are filming in large studio spaces.


    Industry Standard Control Protocols
    IP65 Water-Resistance

    IP65 Water-Resistance


    The KNOWLED Light Panel is IP65 certified. This means that it is weather resistant, enabling it to be comfortably used in weather conditions such as rain or fog, etc. (PLEASE NOTE: The Controller Box is NOT IP65 Water-resistant).


    Other Control Options

    Other Control Options


    As well as the industry standard control protocols, the also features a built-in 2.4GHz wireless control receiver, enabling it to be used with the GODOX RC-R9 Remote (sold separately). It also features Bluetooth support enabling it to be used with the Godox Light App.


    High-Quality X-Frame

    High-Quality X-Frame


    The LIght comes with a high-quality aluminum-alloy X-Frame, which enables you to mount the light to a regular light stand.


    More Size And Options Are Available


    GODOX Knowled Flexi LED Mat series comes with various size and power, perfect for different scene and set



    Unrivalled Color Accuracy

    The LED Panel has a CRI (Color Rendition Index) of ≥96 and a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of ≥96. This means that the F600BI will render colors accurately making it ideal for broadcast usage. Perfect for illuminating, tv studios, and movie sets.

    Scientific Dimming Curves.

    The KNOWLED LED Light Panel gives you the option of four dimming curves, enabling the way that you adjust your lighting just the way you like. You can select between a Linear, S-Curve, an Exponential Curve, or a Logarithmic Curve, rendering the best lighting effects, in the shortest amount of time.

    Slow-Motion? No Problem.

    LED Fresnel Studio Light provides industry-leading reliability with flicker-free performance at any frame rate or shutter angle, and at any intensity level, making it ideal for filming slow-motion shots.

    The KNOWLED Flexible LED Panel is the perfect Broadcasting, Corporate video, YouTube, Cinematography, Chroma Key green screen as well as for photography. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an enthusiast, you can’t really go wrong with the F600Bi Bi-Color LED panels

    Godox F600BI Specs

    Light Fixture
    Item Type1 x LED Flexible Light
    Included Light Modifier1 x Softbox
    Included FiltersDiffusion
    Included Storage Case1 x Case
    1514 fc / 16,300 Lux at  1 m 

    *Standardized Measurement Supplied by the Manufacturer
    1616 fc / 17,400 Lux at  1 m 

    *Standardized Measurement Supplied by the Manufacturer
    1783 fc / 19,200 Lux at 1 m 

    *Standardized Measurement Supplied by the Manufacturer
    1848 fc / 19,900 Lux at  1 m 

    *Standardized Measurement Supplied by the Manufacturer
    1830 fc / 19,700 Lux at  1 m 

    *Standardized Measurement Supplied by the Manufacturer
    1746 fc / 18,800 Lux at  1 m 

    *Standardized Measurement Supplied by the Manufacturer
    Color Temperature2700 to 8500K
    Color ModesDaylight, Tungsten
    Color Accuracy StandardCRI 96
    TLCI 96
    Cooling SystemNone
    DimmingYes, Built-In Dimmer
    0 to 100%
    Built-In FlashNo
    Umbrella MountNo
    Front Accessory MountNone
    Wireless Remote Control TypeBluetooth
    Wireless DMX *Remote Not Included
    Mobile App CompatibleYes: Android & iOS
    App Name: Godox Light
    *As of May, 2023: Check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date compatibility
    Wireless ChannelsNone
    Wireless GroupsNone
    Wireless Frequency2.4 GHz
    Wireless Range30 m (Bluetooth)
    60 m (Wi-Fi)
    Max DMX Control Channels512
    Power & I/O
    Power SourceAC Power (Cable Included) *Requires Power Supply/Controller (Included)
    Inputs/OutputsLight Fixture
    To Power Supply/Controller: 1 x Built-In Cable with Proprietary Power Input
    Power Supply/Controller
    1 x Unspecified AC Power Input
    1 x XLR 5-Pin DMX Input
    1 x XLR 5-Pin DMX Output
    1 x USB-A Power/Remote Input/Output
    Battery Plate Type2 x V-Mount (Built-In)
    Battery2 x V-Mount Rechargeable (Not Included)
    AC Input Power120 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz at 6.7 A
    Included Adapter / Cable1 x Unspecified to Unspecified Cable
    Power Consumption670 W (Maximum)
    Environmental ProtectionAdvertised as Dust Resistant/Water Resistant
    *Manufacturer Testing: IP65
    Dimensions121 x H: 121 cm (Fixture, Extended)
    33.2 x 17.9 x 12.3 cm (Power Supply/Controller)
    Weight3.8 kg (Fixture with Cable/Mount)
    3.9 kg (Power Supply/Controller)

    In the Box

    • Godox KNOWLED F600Bi Bi-Color LED Light Panel (120cm x 120cm)
    • Controller
    • Detachable Metal Frame
    • Adapter Holder
    • Connection Cable
    • Power Cable
    • Softbox
    • Carry Bag for LED Light Body
    • CB87 Carry Bag

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