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Xlite 70cm Beauty Dish Softbox + Grid & Deflector

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Xlite 70cm Beauty Dish Softbox + Grid & Deflector


Xlites Beauty Dish Series Softboxes come shaped as an Octa Designed with a recessed front edge so the included grid can be easily fitted in order to meet the specific needs of all types of photographers. These newly designed lighting modifiers have been manufactured to stand up to everyday use by professional photographers.

Xlite Shallow Octa softboxes create a unique, natural-looking light that is not easily replicated by traditional square or rectangular softboxes. These unique features make Octa softboxes ideal for portraiture and fashion photography. The rounded shape of an octa creates a natural, round catch light in the subjects’ eyes. Unlike traditional square or rectangular softboxes, octa softboxes do not have a long straight edge. This creates a wrapping effect that opens up shadows and creates a natural, gradual gradient from highlight to shadow. Octa softboxes are typically used as a main light, or as a soft fill light indoors or out.

Perfect for on-location shooting. It folds down like a regular umbrella but expands straight into a octa softbox for instant use, saving time over traditional softboxes which require rods and speed rings for assembly. The recessed front diffuser allows for more precise positioning and feathering of light. Included is a removable grid and mask to better control light spill in situations when accuracy is essential.

The unique beauty dish properties are achieved using a double reflector system that softens the flash properties twice. The final effect has qualities that cross between that of a direct flash and a softbox, giving the image a wraparound look - like a softbox, but with more contrast and a more dramatic directed beam. The silver interior finish delivers a even output, creates subtle contrast and reveals more detail of your subject. Intrinsic to the beauty dish design is a small silver deflector cover that is suspended concave profile out, directly over the front of the light source, preventing direct light from hitting the subject. The light then bounces back off the inner curved deflector plate and floods the wall of the outer bowl of the beauty dish, resulting in a broad spread of softer indirect light. The effect is gentler than obtainable from a standard reflector and markedly less harsh than of a speedlight. By flipping the deflector plate and using it convex side out, you can realize differing levels of light distribution.




  • Dural heat resistant material
  • Great for travel, location, and studio
  • Soft beauty light for fashion and portrait photography
  • More dramatic contrast and tactile feel than softboxes and umbrellas
  • All of the benefits of a metal beauty dish without the worry of damage
  • Deflector element assures no center hot spot
  • Deflector is easily fitted and removed so you can use the softbox normally as well
  • Coated outer diffuser, for more durability and to eliminate magenta colour shift
  • Inner diffuser, for a more even and softer look
  • Grid for better control of light on the subject or background
  • Interchangeable speedring adapters available if you change flash systems



Xlite 65cm Beauty Dish Umbrella Octa Softbox Includes:

  • 70cm Beauty Dish Umbrella Softbox
  • Outer reflective material
  • Outer diffuser
  • Inner diffuser
  • Deflector
  • Speed ring to fit adaptor
  • Bowens softbox adaptor 14.4cm
  • Grid
  • Padded carry bag

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