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Datacolor Spyder Checkr Photo


Product Features:

4 Interchangeable Cards
62 Color Targets
Ultra-Matte Finish
Sturdy Museum-Quality Construction
Integrates with 3rd Party Software
Portable Size Case
Stock available end of September

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Datacolor Spyder Checkr Photo

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How it Works

Using your camera’s RAW format, take a reference shot of the color target cards in the lighting/setting of your photo shoot. Then import your reference shot into Adobe Lightroom Classic®, Adobe Camera RAW® or Hasselblad Phocus® to edit the image. From there, use your Spyder Checkr software to create an HSL preset from your edited reference shot to use for your shoot and across multiple camera systems.

Portable Size + Protective Case

Spyder Checkr Photo’s portable size and rugged, protective case make it perfect for taking it with you anywhere you go. Whether you’re on location or on-the-go, put Spyder Checkr Photo in your camera bag or pocket to have on hand for planned or impromptu photo shoots.

The Ultra Matte Difference

Streamline your workflow with precise, consistent color from your first shot. Ultra-matte target cards ensure the truest color rendition in any lighting condition, for accurate results and refined detail.

New Checkr-Matte Printing Method

Datacolor’s Checkr-Matte printing method includes the selection of premium paper that conforms to ISO 9706 standards - meeting exacting requirements for age-resistance – plus, high-quality inks that offer long-lasting color integrity. The cards’ ultra-matte finish is preferred by photographers for its low reflectivity.

Less Waste, Improved Sustainability

Spyder Checkr Photo target color cards are easy to replace if lost or damaged – a cost-effective feature so you won’t have to repurchase the entire product for just the card. Additionally, the cards are made from 78% bamboo, a renewable resource for paper.

Expanded Tonality

Spyder Checkr Photo offers 62 color targets in 4 interchangeable cards, including 24 standard colors, 6 skin tones, a 24-step grey scale and 2 large grey targets, for easy white/grey balancing, plus 3 white adjustments and 3 black adjustments for exceptionally precise tonality.

Defined Detail

Capture every detail with optimal RAW process in batch processing, plus, precise color reproduction - ideal for Landscape, Travel and Architectural Photography.

Align Multiple Camera Systems

Easy alignment of multiple camera systems - including DSLR, Smartphones, drones, Action Cams, - make Spyder Checkr Photo a must-have for Event Photography, such as weddings, parties and more.

Flawless Skin Tones, Color Perfection

Precise color is critical for Portrait, Studio, Fashion and Product photography, and this is where Spyder Checkr Photo’s comprehensive color targets are invaluable. Get exact matches to product and brand colors, plus capture the subtle color nuances needed for rich, natural looking skin tones.

Use Cases


Spyder Checkr Photo: Perfect for Various Types of Photography

  • Landscape/Travel Photography: More detail and optimal RAW process in batch processing
  • Wedding /Event Photography: Match multiple camera systems like DSLR, Smartphones, Action Cams, etc.
  • Fashion Photography: Color accuracy & consistency from capture through print
  • Portraits: Natural looking skin tones
  • Architectural Photography: Precise color reproduction
  • Studio/Product Photography: Exact matches for product and brand colors
  • Macro photography: Correctly determine color dominance and accent colors in shots​






System Requirements:


  • Win 7 32/64, Win 8 32/64, Win 10 32/64 
  • Mac OS X 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14
  • Monitor resolution 1280×768 or greater, 16-bit video card (24-bit recommended), 1GB of available RAM, 500MB of available hard disk
  • Internet connection for software download & activation




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