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Xlite Expan + Chain & Triple Hook Set of 3


Product Features:

Set of three paper backdrop support system
For Small, Medium, Large or Home Studios
Expan Grips Seamless Paper Rolls or Tubes
Chain raises and lowers the paper smoothly and protects the background from kinking
Durable and lightweight, easy to use
Takes up a small amount of space when the background is rolled up
Alternative to high-priced electrical roller system

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Xlite Expan + Chain & Triple Hook Set of 3

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The Xlite Expan + Chain & Triple Hook Set of 3 is a system for hanging and exchanging of up to three back drops. The holder can be fixed to your wall or ceiling so you can easily mount and change between up to 3 paper rolls or other backdrops when using a core to support them. 

This system needs to be mounted at a minimum of 10 - 15cm from the ceiling. While the supplied guides make sure that the chains stay in place. Brackets are 400mm high and maximum 240mm deep and have a maximum diameter of 70mm. The length of the chains is approximately 1.7m. The roll holder protudes about 120mm.

Xlite Expan + Chain & Triple Hook Set Of 3 Includes:

  • 2 x Triple Hook brackets
  • 6 x Expan holders
  • 3 x Plastic chains
  • 3 x Chain guides / weights


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