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Xlite Studio Eyelighter 4:1 Curved Reflector


Product Features:

Inc: Arc shaped reflector inc sunsilver/white/black/silver reflectors
Angle can be adjusted
Easily setup and disassembly
Optional stand available
Approx: 168cm long x 60cm deep
All metal construction
Carry Bag included
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Out of Stock
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Xlite Studio Eyelighter 4:1 Curved Reflector

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The Xlite Studio Eyelighter 4:1 Curved Reflector features an arc-shaped design to make a subject's eyes sparkle in portrait photography. Reflecting light from three perspectives, the reflector eliminates shadows. It's suitable for strobes, monolights, LED lights, and even natural sunlight. Six interlocking curved tubes, two rugged metal rods, and screw knobs enable you to assemble the reflector in minutes without any tools. The curved tubes and rods insert into dedicated rod pockets and stretch the reflector out.

The reflector attaches to a stand ( Sold seperatelly ) via a swivel stand mount and can be tilted up and down as needed. The reversible reflector features a silver surface that bounces light with high contrast and a black surface that reduces excessive reflection. Gold and white surfaces are also included.

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