Frio Cling


Product Features:

Frio Hold with Vacuum Pump
Frio Hold has Unique dual locking mechanism
Manual Vacuum Pump
4inch Rubber pad
Max Load: 4kg
Frio Hold is Universal Cold Shoe Mount
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Frio Cling

Essential Add-On's we recommend


  • Universal cold shoe adapter compatible with almost any shoe mount device available
  • The non-marring seal ensures the surfaces remain free of any damage
  • Warning indicator protects from partial sealing
  • 360° rotating ball head provides exceptional versatility on the field
  • Built-in modifier holder for umbrellas, reflectors, diffusers, snoots, and grids
  • Adjustable knurled knob for easy positioning

Combining an innovative cold shoe adapter design with a vacuum mount with a mini ball head enables your hot shoe flash or light panel to adhere to virtually any surface via the 4inch wide rubber pad. A manual pump removes air to ensure a secure mount, which is further aided by a warning indicator alerting to any leaks in the seal.