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Xlite Baby Pin


Product Features:

Single baby-pin
Fits into a super clamp or any other locking 5/8" receptor
Provides 5/8 support
Designed to be used with super clamps, rod assemblies,
Designed to be used grip/gobo/knuckle-head atop light stands
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Xlite Baby Pin


This extra length Baby Pin is designed to be used with super clamps, rod assemblies, grip/gobo/knuckle-head atop light stands and in conjunction with Century Stands. The Baby Pin attaches via a 5/8" baby pin receiver hole with a choice of two dimpled pockets on the length of the pin for the tightening grip handle, taking best advantage of this more extended design.

The longer Baby Pin is commonly used in the motion picture industry for situations where space is at a premium, and the excess protruding from the grip head permits a light or other accessory to be mounted with a 5/8" receiver.

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