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Godox AD100Pro 3 Light Flash Kit Inc Bag

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  • Product Features:

    3 Light KIt Inc CB-20 Bag
    Up to 360 Full-Power Flashes per Charge
    Manual or TTL Modes
    Built-In 2.4 GHz Wireless X System
    1/256 to 1/1 Power Control
    Recycle Time: 0.01-1.5 sec
    1/8000 Sec High Speed Sync
    S2 Bracket Included in the Kit
    AK-R1 Set included in the kit
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    Godox AD100Pro 3 Light Flash Kit Inc Bag

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    Extremely compact and lightweight, the AD100pro Pocket Flash 3-Light Kit contains everything the travelling photographer needs for studio-quality lighting while shooting on location. This kit contains three AD100pro Pocket Flashes, an AK-R1 Accessory Kit, and S2 Speedlite Bracket for Bowens, a 34" silver umbrella, a 33.5" transparent umbrella, and a CB20 Backpack for storage and transport.

    Godox AD100pro Pocket Flash

    Building in the popularity of its predecessor, the AD100Pro Pocket Flash is a compact Speedlight with a removable lithium-ion battery that will give you up to 360 full-power flashes and thousands of lower power flashes.

    The AD100pro has impressive core features such as 100Ws of power adjustable in nine steps from 1/256 to 1/1, recycling times from 0.01 to 1.5 seconds, and short flash durations. The AD100pro has manual, auto, and stroboscopic capability. Manual mode outputs the user's choice of power, modelling light, and first or second curtain sync. Multi-mode controls the stroboscopic rate up to 90 times (90 Hz). Optional wireless transmitters with 32-channel and four groups system control flash mode, first and second curtain sync, High-Speed Sync up to 1/8000 second, power level, and modelling lamp at distances up to 328'. Firmware updates are obtainable on the Godox website.


    • 9-stop power range, from 1/256 to 1/1
    • Fast full-power recycle time of 1.5 seconds

    Built-In 2.4 GHz Wireless System

    Built-in wireless receiver controls triggering power

    Large Capacity Lithium Battery Pack

    The 14.4V / 2900mAh battery pack gets 360 full power flashes with 0.01 to 1.5 second recycling

    Numerous Control Functions

    • Supports flash exposure compensation
    • 1/8000 second High-Speed Sync
    • First and second curtain sync
    • Modelling lamp
    • Manual flash
    • Multiflash

    Godox AK-R1 Accessory Kit for Round Flash Head

    . Designed for it, this Godox AK-R1 Accessory Kit for magnetically attached modifiers that maximize the capabilities of the head. The kit contains a snoot, four-way barn doors, and a honeycomb grid to narrow the light's beam and selectively light your subject. Conversely, a near-180-degree dome, a wide lens, and a bounce card with a frame are provided to expand the beam. Finally, a filter set with three amber CT filters and one green fluorescent filter is also included.

    Godox S2 Speedlite Bracket for Bowens

    Adjustable to fit most speedlites, the Godox S2 Speedlite Bracket for Bowens is more compact and portable than the original S-type bracket and lets you maximize the potential of your on-camera flash while allowing you to use Bowens accessories. The bracket supports your flash either vertically or horizontally, employing non-scratching, light pressure rather than touch-fasteners or tape. Light modifiers such as reflectors, softboxes, and snoots mount to the front of the bracket as they would on a Bowen's flash head. The bracket tilts nearly 180 degrees and has a 5/8" receiver for stand mounting.


    • No pre-assembly or post disassembly
    • Mount Speedlite vertically or horizontally
    • Mounts with light pressure - no touch-fasteners
    • Adjustable to fit most brands of speedlites
    • Allows use of studio light modifiers like softboxes
    • Umbrella input channel
    • Compatible with full-size flash heads such as the Godox AD400Pro

    Godox 85cm Umbrella for AD300 Pro Flash (Silver)

    The 85cm Silver Umbrella is designed for the AD300 Pro Flash and has a silver interior. It provides wide coverage, high contrast, and a substantial boost in the ambient light level. The silver-coloured interior offers a specular light and is well-suited for portraits and fashion. Additionally, this unit is designed to fit in the Godox CB20 Backpack.

    Godox Umbrella for AD300Pro Flash Head (Transparent, 85cm)

    The 85cm Transparent Umbrella for AD300Pro Flash Head is a modifier that spreads light over a broad area of your subject. Unlike standard black-backed umbrellas, this umbrella is translucent allowing light to escape from the back of it (convex side) and raise the ambient light level. A unique feature of the umbrella (that's great for low ceilings), is the option of turning it around to "shoot Through" it by pointing the curved outside of the umbrella at your subject for a slightly crisper quality of light.

    Godox CB20 Backpack for AD200Pro and Select Godox Strobes

    This CB20 Backpack holds two AD200, AD200Pro, AD300Pro, or AD400Pro strobe units complete with batteries, chargers, wireless remotes, and compact umbrellas for fully portable lighting setup. Even when fully packed with the lights and accessories, the CB20 still has room to add a camera with lenses and a spacious lined pocket that holds a 15" laptop or tablet.

    This backpack features padded construction with dividers to protect its contents. The padded, reinforced shoulder straps offer all-day comfort. It incorporates a reflective strip for high visibility and the strap buckle has an integrated safety whistle in case of an emergency.

    • Smooth, water-resistant nylon fabric construction
    • Four lid pockets plus a bottom zippered mesh pocket
    • Two mesh side pockets
    • Adjustable dividers
    • Padded pocket for 15" laptop
    • Full perimeter zipper for easy access
    • Padded, reinforced shoulder straps
    • Removable waist strap
    • Reflective strip
    • Safety whistle

    What's included

    • 3 x Godox AD100pro Pocket Flash
      Godox WB100 Battery for AD100pro Pocket Flash
      Battery Charger
      AD-E2 Adapter
      USB Cable
      Portable Bag

    • 1 x Godox AK-R1 Accessory Kit for H200R Round Flash Head
      Diffuser Dome
      Gel Set
      Honeycomb Grid
      Four-Way Barndoor Set
      Wide Lens
      Bounce Card with Frame

    • 1 x Godox S2 Speedlite Bracket for Bowens
    • 1 x Godox 34" Umbrella for AD300 Pro Flash (Silver)
    • 1 x Godox Umbrella for AD300Pro Flash Head (Transparent, 33.5")
    • 1 x Godox CB20 Backpack for AD200Pro and Select Godox Strobes

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