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INOVATIV Digihanger


Product Features:

Works with all DigiPlate’s
Constructed of 6061 T6 aluminium
Anodised Orange
Made in USA
Adds an anchor point to your DigiPlate to hang, tie, or lock items
Can be used for cable management to prevent cables from being accidentally pulled from ports
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INOVATIV Digihanger

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The DigiHanger can perform multiple tasks. First, it becomes a great anchor point to add to the bottom of your DigiPlate as a means to hang cables, accessories, etc. Second, it also has the same design characteristics as the cable management system that is built-in the DigiPlate Pro.

Since the DigiPlate Lite does not have a cable management system, the DigiHanger can be added to the bottom of the plate to be used for cable management to prevent tether cables from being pulled out of ports.

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