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INOVATIV Digiclamps LaCie Rugged Standard

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    Compatible with all DigiPlates
    Clamps come in pairs
    Constructed of 5052 aluminium
    Anodised Black
    Custom stainless steel hardware makes securing the clamps effortless
    Custom clamps designed to be used with LaCie Rugged model external hard drives
    Open design allows your drives to remain cool and avoid heat build up

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    INOVATIV Digiclamps LaCie Rugged Standard

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    The DigiClamps – LaCie Rugged accessory clamps keep your LaCie Rugged hard drives secured to the DigiPlate. The cheese plate design allows the clamps to be positioned in many different configurations.

    Each clamp is secured to the DigiPlate using large thumb screws making clamping both easy on the fingers and very secure. Clamps come in two sizes to accommodate the LaCie Rugged Standard and LaCie Rugged RAID external hard drives.

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