Wooden Camera Rosette Bracket


Product Features:

Provides two rosettes left & right
Can mount on two 15mm rods
1/4-20 holes for attaching accessories to top
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Wooden Camera Rosette Bracket

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Rosette Bracket provides two ARRI standard rosettes for attaching handles, extension arms, and 3rd party ARRI rosette accessories. Bracket can clamp directly to 15mm lightweight rods or can be attached to the front of any Unified Baseplate; Unified Baseplate (Sony FS7, Canon C100mkII, C300mkII, C100, C300, C500), Unified Baseplate (URSA Mini, Sony F55, F5), Unified Baseplate (Alexa Mini), Unified Baseplate (Sony FS5, VariCam LT, VariCam 35), and Unified Baseplate (Canon C200, C200B, C700). Please note that this updated version of the Rosette Bracket is not compatible with the Legacy Quick and Fixed Bases.


  • 1/4-20 holes for attaching accessories to top
  • Pass-through holes to attach to Unified Baseplate systems
  • thumbscrew to clamp onto 15mm rods


  • (2) 1/4-20 x 1 socket cap screws


  • Weight: 151g (0.3 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 104.8 x 32.3 x 32.3 mm