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Dust Off Plus Kit With 360 Deg Valve


Product Features:

Perfect for removing dust or debris from sensitive electronic devices
312ml Refill Can with Valve
"Dust-Off Special Application Products have been formulated for use in especially sensitive environments, such as scientific research labs and other areas where flammability is a primary concern"
"Standard Dust-Off products are not flammable and completely safe for normal use, but they do contain some flammable elements"
Fits Dust Off Plus models Only
100% Ozone Safe
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Dust Off Plus Kit With 360 Deg Valve


The innovative 360 degree Vector Valve© rotates 360 degrees with a 180-degree vertical orientation. Provides amazing range and versatility. One-of-a-kind nozzle allows you to keep duster upright while delivering a cleaning blast to difficult-to-reach areas. 100% ozone safe. Contains a bitterant to help discourage inhalant abuse.

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