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Epson SureColor F7200 Dye Sublimation Printer 3Yr Warranty


Product Features:

Max Resolution: 1440 x 720 dpi
Max Printable Width: 1625mm
Sellable production at up to 30.3m2/hr
PrecisionCore TFP Print Head Technology
PrecisionDot Screening Technology
Refillable ink tanks hold 1.5 liters per colour
2L re-usable waste tank
Ideal for flatbed heat transfer press application
Spindl free Roll Media Adaptors
USB 2.0 and Ethernet Connectivity
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Epson SureColor F7200 Dye Sublimation Printer 3Yr Warranty

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When the Epson SureColor Fabric DS series was first released it represented a revolution; designed from the ground up for Dye Sublimation, it provided one of the first turn-key single-vendor production platforms. Today it continues to lead the way with predictable, consistent and superior image quality that is augmented with a range of models to suit different production requirements. The F7200 combines wide format output with low running costs, and efficient roll to roll operation. It suits production of clothing, soft signage, and printed fabrics. Prints are made on paper which is then transferred (sublimated) via a heat press onto material that contains a polyester base or has received a polyester pre-treatment.

The SC-F7200 is designed to operate in conjunction with a calendar style heat press. It combines Epson’s advanced heat-free PrecisionCore™ print head with UltraChrome® DS ink, a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS), 64" wide print engine with media output heater, and high precision Auto Take-Up. The head enables high resolution output with adjustable dot sizing, precise ink density and placement control. The ink supports a wide range of industry standard transfer media with output that is not only cost-effective but has predictable and precise colour. The engine, supply system and ATU all work together to facilitate continuous roll-to-roll printing at speeds up to 58.9m2/hr for an efficient production process.

  • Superior Quality – Epson heat-free PrecisionCore™ (TFP) Print Head & Epson UltraChrome™ DS ink for superior, predictable and consistent colour at resolutions up to 720x1440dpi, Variable Sized Dot Technology™ (VSDT) for superior half tones with minimum ink consumption, choice of standard or new High Density Black ink
  • Superior Reliability – supplied with a single-source manufacturer warranty that can be augmented with additional Service Packs for investment protection and cost minimisation up to FIVE years1
  • High Flexibility – supports rolls up to 64" (1625mm) wide with media up to 1mm thick, selectable print speeds with two print modes (standard and new HQ) for flexible production requirements
  • Superior Productivity – sellable production at up to 30.3m2/hr with a 6L Continuous Ink Supply System, high-capacity 40Kg roll media support with single operator loading, integrated output media heater, and precision Auto Take-Up for roll-to-roll production
  • Reduced Running Costs – designed to minimise operator involvement, reduced low power consumption, uses cost-effective 1L ink refills, has a 2L re-usable waste tank, remote status notification & management
  • Easy to Operate – upgraded easy-fill tank system, a large LCD control panel with in-built help, ships with Epson Edge Print and can be ordered with optional Ergosoft RIP software customised for Epson. Can also be used with alternative RIP software
  • Easy to Install – does not require a special power supply, suits commercial and office environments



The SureColor F7200 is built on a robot-assembled chassis that is laser welded for exceptional strength and rigidity to ensure accurate tracking with a strengthened attachment to the Substrate Support System to ensure minimum movement and noise. It incorporates Epson's advanced heat-free PrecisionCore™ Thin Film print head with micro-fine nozzles that support adjustable high resolution imaging with pin-point positional accuracy and outstanding uniformity. Variable-size Droplet Technology enables enhanced half-tones and precise ink density control for superior results with minimum consumption. The printer has a standard print mode for normal high speed output and a new HQ MODE for premium fabric and solid surface work with super-fine detail and exceptional colour gradation.

Epson UltraChrome DS Ink is designed to enable production of a wide range of goods from material and clothing, to soft signage and banners, customised surface treatments and merchandise. It provides vibrant and intense colour that adheres quickly, transfers smoothly and provides excellent light and wash fastness. When used in conjunction with the hardware for which it was developed, it produces superior output with lower production costs, and enhanced mechanical durability. The ink is resistant to damage through abrasion and perspiration. When applied to polyester fabrics it conforms to the latest Oeko-Tex Eco Passport® standard and certified safe for use by adults, children and babies2. It supports a wide range of common low-cost transfer media and for premium work Epson offers a range of quality paper. Printers can be configured with a choice of flexible Bk or performance HDk ink sets. The HDk set incorporates a new black that has an increased particle density with an extremely neutral tint for superior colour intensity and precision. The HDk ink offers the added opportunity of reduced ink consumption.3


The SureColor F7200 has been designed for roll to roll production. It features a media loading system that can be managed by a single operator with strengthened attachments for rolls up to 40Kg, in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and widths. It has an integrated media output dryer with adjustable temperature control and an advanced Auto Take-Up (ATU) with precision tracking and Automatic Tension Control (ATC)4. Once a roll is printed it can be unloaded quickly and mounted onto a calendar-style transfer press for rapid production with an outstanding finished quality.


The Fabric series has been designed for consistent, reliable and cost-effective operation. The F7200 features a Continuous Ink Supply System with enlarged easy-fill holes and 1.5L tanks that can be configured for either the standard Bk ink set or new HDk ink set. Each tank incorporates a buffer for resource scheduling and can be refilled while printing continues using inexpensive 1L packs. The printer incorporates an e-mail system which can be configured to send status and error notifications to operators located on and/or off-site. The printer can be managed via a front panel LCD with in-built help, or remotely via supplied utility software. The engine features low power consumption with sleep and stand-by modes that further reduce costs in environments with fluid workflow.


Dye sublimation offers significant benefits over traditional screen printing. Digital image processing enables more precise control with duplication that has higher consistency. It is considerably quicker and less expensive for short to medium production runs, requires less labour, and involves less wastage. Printing is mess free and production can occur in a relatively small amount of space. Job turnaround is faster and repeat runs can be undertaken at the push of a button. While prints can only be transferred (sublimated) onto fabric with a polyester base they can also be applied to other materials like metals, plastics and foam that will accept a polyester spray and withstand the heat and pressure of the transfer process. In this method items such as wall decorations, furniture finishes, phone covers and even footwear ('thongs') can be produced.


The SureColor F7200 runs off a standard 240V power supply and can be driven by a moderately powered PC. The printer ships complete with Epson Edge Print software that is easy to use and incorporates a high precision Adobe Postscript engine for quality imaging of PS, EPS, PDF, TIFF, JPEG and PNG files. Edge Print provides all the functionality required to preview and process images with basic functions such as copy, position, trim and nest, as well as advanced tiling, step and repeat. For performance users the printer can be also ordered with the latest Ergosoft Sublimation software in either the basic Essential or advanced Production editions.



1.  printer price does not include shipping, installation, training and support on-site, prices for shipping, installation, training and support on-site are quoted separately on application terms and conditions apply.

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