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Godox KNOWLED 1200mm Air Tube For TP4R


Product Features:

Diffuses and Softens Output
Runs the Full Length of the Tube
Includes Grid and Skirt
Includes Air Pump
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Godox KNOWLED 1200mm Air Tube For TP4R


The Air Soft Tube from Godox is specifically designed for use with the KNOWLED TP4R Tube Light. This modifier works like a softbox; diffusing the bright LED light across the entire length of the fixture. The Air Soft Tube's design disperses the light output to will give you a softer, eye-pleasing quality of light. An air pump for quick inflation of the air tube is included.

Expand Your Lighting Possibilities
The air tube conveniently wraps over the separately available tube light. You can easily control the light beam spread of the Air Soft Tube with its included grid and skirt. Two handles with touch-fasteners are also included.

In the Box

  • Godox Air Soft Tube for KNOWLED TP4R Tube Light
  • Grid
  • Skirt
  • Air Pump
  • 2 x Handle
  • 2-Light Bracket

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