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Xlite 80cm Umbrella Octa Speedlite Softbox + Grid Ex-Demo


Product Features:

Ex-Demo - Used condition
Mount the speedlite forwards or backwards to get a softer or harder result
The softbox is made from durable, heat-resistant material, making it suitable for use with any flash, LED and fluorescent light sources
The stippled silver lining provides for even, edge-to-edge light throughout the softbox
A grid is included for better control of light on the subject or background
Sets up in seconds with its umbrella style design
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Xlite 80cm Umbrella Octa Speedlite Softbox + Grid Ex-Demo


"Ex-Demo" - Used Condition

This indirect speedlite softbox series from Xlite are designed for the photographer who likes to travel light and work quickly but who does not want to comprimise their ability to be creative and produce first class work.

All the softboxes in this series come provided with a removable honeycomb grid which can give you the option to control the light even further.

Recomnded accesories for this style softbox are the

Xlite Strobist E Type Metal Coldshoe and the  Xlite Heavy Duty Tilt Bracket with Spigots

* Please note: Stand, Bracket and Speedlite shown in the images are not included.

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