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Godox Ringflash For The P2400 Pack Head


Product Features:

Guide Number: 64
40W Modeling Light
Optional Reflectors and Grids,
Use as Main or Fill Light
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Godox Ringflash For The P2400 Pack Head

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The R2400 Ring Flash Head for P2400 Battery Pack from Godox is an alternate head with signature visual qualities that make it an extremely valuable tool for fashion, portrait, hair styling, tattoo, macro, and glamour photography. Used in the traditional way with the camera lens in the center opening renders an attractive, visual flattening of the features, glamourous skin illumination, and a soft halo shadow that falls behind the subject. The ring flash accentuates the eyes and produces captivating catchlights in them. There are also multiple uses for the head off-camera. Mounted on a light stand, it becomes an unobtrusive fill light, and while positioning it overhead or at a 45-degree angle, it lends soft modeling and definition to the features.

Godox R2400 Specs

Light Wattage1 x 40 W
Maximum Watt/Seconds2400 W/s
Fixture Mount1/4"-20, 5/8" Receiver
Replaceable FlashtubeNo
Color Temperature5800K +/- 200K
Protective Cover/DomeNo
Changeable ReflectorYes
Umbrella Mount SupportYes
Modeling Light On/Off SwitchYes
Dimensions205 x 205 x 80 mm
Weight1.8 kg


In the Box

  • Godox R2400 Ring Flash Head for P2400
  • FLB-02 Foldable Bracket
  • UBB-02 Umbrella Bracket



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