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Core SWX Helix 9 Mini V-Mount Dual Voltage Battery


Product Features:

Dual Voltage battery packs
Simultaneous 14v/28v Power Output
Near Lossless Power Transmission
Next Gen LCD Data
RFID Technology Built-In
Ultra compatible charging capability
Compatible with all cameras

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Core SWX Helix 9 Mini V-Mount Dual Voltage Battery

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The V mount Helix 9 Mini 98Wh Dual-Voltage Battery is a professional battery designed for modern production workflows involving a wide range of equipment. The compact design means the battery takes up less space than previous-generation models to better fit gimbal stabilizers and other rigs where space is at a premium. Though the design is less space-consuming, the Helix 9 Mini provides the same 98Wh capacity as its predecessors. To support various equipment types from small accessories to larger cinema cameras and lights, the Helix 9 Mini supports a 12.8A, 14.8V continuous draw, and it also provides simultaneous dual-voltage output with a maximum load of 6A at 28V and a maximum load of 12A at 14V.

The Helix 9 Mini features a 12V D-Tap output that can be used to power a camera, light source, monitor, recorder, or other power-hungry equipment. The LCD battery status display screen on the rear of the battery is backlit with a cool white illumination, and updates every few seconds to accurately reflect up-to-the-moment statistics including the runtime. The battery also includes RFID which allows you to connect an RFID reader app to monitor battery information remotely. Another handy feature is the ability to charge or discharge to 30% for safe storage or air transport using Voltbridge technology.

The battery itself is housed in Core SWX's classic overmolded casing with a rubberized finish that is resistant to impact and is easily grippable.

Key Features

  • 98Wh lithium-ion V mount battery
  • Supports up to 12.8A draw at 14.8V
  • Dual-voltage output supports 12A at 14V, and 6A at 28V maximum load
  • Eight-cell design utilizing Panasonic cells
  • Rated at 2000 charge/discharge cycles
  • Backlit LCD and 4-LED power gauge
  • Voltbridge RFID app support
  • One 12V D-Tap accessory output
  • Non-slip, rubberized housing
  • Storage/fly mode charge/discharge settings to 30%

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