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Deity V-Mic D4 Mini For Camera Or Phone With AUX input

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  • Product Features:

    Affordable miniature microphone
    Ultra Lightweight
    Passive Power
    Supercardioid Pick up pattern
    Shockmount Included
    TRS to TRS & TRS to TRRS Cables included
    Faux Fur Windscreen Included
    Automatic extra track assignment when a secondary source is plugged in
    Great for videographers, wedding shooters or online content creators
    14mm medium diaphragm capsule - the same capsule found in D4 Series
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    Deity V-Mic D4 Mini For Camera Or Phone With AUX input

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    Boasting highly directional response and the ability to add a secondary audio source for 2-track camera recording,is a lightweight and ultracompact camera-mount shotgun microphone that not only effectively rejects off-camera sound, but also works with a range of devices such as DSLRs, smartphones, and portable audio recorders. The winning combination of size, quality, and versatility makes the V-Mic D4 Mini an attractive mic solution for budget-minded vloggers, videographers, and hybrid shooters.

    The V-Mic D4 Mini comes with 3.5mm TRS and TRRS audio cables to ensure compatible connectivity with cameras and mobile devices, and its side-mounted output jack won't get in the way when using the eyepiece for photos. By plugging another audio source, such as a wireless mic receiver, into the 3.5mm TRS input jack, you can simultaneously record two separate tracks to your camera—one of the V-Mic D4 Mini's mic signals and the other being the secondary source connected to the 3.5mm input. Since it runs on plug-in power (no batteries needed) and includes a furry windshield rated for 20 mph winds, the V-Mic D4 Mini is ready for the fast pace of audio-for-video productions, outside or indoors.


    Cost-Effective Quality

    The V-Mic D4 Mini is a high-quality, affordable miniature microphone with a super cardioid polar pattern that allows users to capture directional audio and reject sounds coming from the off-camera.

    Medium-Diaphragm Condenser Capsule

    While other microphones in the micro-shotgun division feature capsules as small as 6mm, the V-Mic D4 Mini features Deity's 4th generation 14mm medium-diaphragm electret condenser capsule, the same one found in the rest of Deity's D4 series of video microphones.

    Secondary Audio Source

    The V-Mic D4 Mini features a 3.5mm TRS input jack that allows you to easily insert a secondary audio source, like a wireless microphone, without a splitter cable. The input jack automatically routes the second audio source to the right audio channel on your camera. The input jack also features plug-in-power passed through from the camera. This enables the use of a passive lavalier like the Deity V.Lav. This lets the operator capture the scene's natural audio with the V-Mic D4 Mini in addition to a wireless microphone on someone talking to the camera, making it great for videographers, wedding shooters, and online content creators.
    The input jack does not work when you are using the V-Mic D4 Mini with a mono recorder or a cell phone.

    Side-Mounted Output Jack

    The side-mounted 3.5mm TRS output jack is perfect for hybrid DSLR shooters who still want to use their eyepiece for taking photos.

    Audio Cables for Cameras and Smartphones

    Included with the V-Mic D4 Mini are two 3.5mm audio cables—one TRS cable for use with cameras and a TRRS cable for smartphones/tablets outfitted with headphone jacks.

    No Batteries Required

    Since the D4 Mini runs on plug-in power (1 to 5V) from cameras, phones, and audio recorders, it needs no batteries.

    Offset Shockmount

    The D4 Mini utilizes a new offset shock mount that makes it the ideal microphone for use with wide-angle vlogging cameras or action cameras.

    20 mph Wind Protection

    The faux fur windshield provides wind protection up to 20 mph so the microphone is ready for rough elements.


    NOTE: The input jack does not work when you are using the V-Mic D4 Mini with a mono recorder or a cell phone.


    Whats Included

    • 1 x V-Mic D4 Mini
    • 1 x Shockmount Included
    • 1 x TRS to TRS Cable
    • 1 x TRS to TRRS Cable
    • 1 x Faux Fur Windscreen Included



    Transducer Principle

    Pre-Polarized Condensor

    Polar Pattern


    Frequency Response

    20Hz – 20KHz


    -38±2dB re 1V/Pa @1KHz

    Signal-to-Noise Ratio

    74 dB

    Maximum SPL

    134 dB SPL(@1KHZ,1%THD into 1kΩ)



    Dynamic Range


    Operating Voltage

    1.0 to 5V (Plug-In Power)

    Input Connection

    3.5mm TRS (1.0 to 5V Plug-In Power)

    Output Connection

    3.5mm TRS (Left - Mic Signal / Right - Mic Signal or Input)




    TRS to TRS & TRS to TRRS




    Deity Shockmount




    28g(Mic) / 61.5g(Fully rigged)

    Temperature Range


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