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INOVATIV Complete 10In Wheel Set Bundle (Set of 4)


Product Features:

EVO Brake Assembly on Swivel Wheels
Aluminium Construction/Lightweight Design
Sealed Bearings for Outdoor Environments
2 Fixed and 2 Swivel Wheels with Brakes
for Inovativ Voyager
for Inovativ Apollo,
for Inovativ Scout
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INOVATIV Complete 10In Wheel Set Bundle (Set of 4)

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Inovativ 10" EVO Wheel System for Voyager, Apollo, and Scout

Machined from aluminum, the Inovativ 10" EVO Wheel System features a 30% lighter design than comparable steel casters and provides quiet-rolling performance. Made with 100% sealed bearings, these wheels are built to withstand outdoor environments. Included are two swivel wheels with foot brakes and two fixed wheels. Each wheel comes with its own wheel bag.

Not compatible with Scout 31 or fully collapsed Scout 37


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