Veripress - Soft Proofing

Veripress - Soft Proofing

Veripress is a complete on-press soft proofing system for bitmap and postscript CTP RIPs.

Veripress works alongside your press using your platesetter RIP files to produce verified, colour-matched proofs on-screen, at the touch of a button.

Fast. Cost-efficient. Made for high-volume press and publishing environments. Veripress brings proofs to the press as soon as plates arrive.

Veripress Bureau - for creative and prepress:

Soft proofing for PDF and postscript files. Enables pre-press design and advertising studios to proof work for publication in-house and on screen. Veripress Bureau is made for PDF and postscript environments.

Colour Management:

• Veripress features an ICC v4.2 compliant colour management system with true 16-bit processing for enhanced colour depth and finer colour control.
• Proof files containing halftone, stochastic, hybrid, or any other screening type.
• Real Dot Technology displays your soft proofs with exactly the same dot structure as source platesetter RIP files.
• Create or import unlimited Lab, CMYK, or multi-colour spot colour libraries.
• Advanced RGB and CMYK colour merging and spot colour paint modes precisely simulate your press process and spot inks.

Press Simulation:

• Veripress uses Press Configurations to precisely simulate the properties of the press and substrate on screen.
• Define your press operating gamut with CMYK or multicolour match ICC profiles.
• Press ink and platesetter dot-gain compensation normalises plate files for proofing.
• Reproduce substrate white point, show-through and stretch. Set maximum ink weights.
• A replacement ink feature handles non-standard press ink setups.
• Switch press configurations instantly to view jobs as printed by another press.

Monitor Calibration & Verification:

• Integrated monitor calibration and verification tools ensure accurate colour reproduction of your entire press gamut on screen.
• Proof Lock ensures soft proofing only on displays that conform to your colour standards.
• Truespot colour iteration automatically adjusts and optimises spot colours to precisely match press output on your soft proof display.
• Veripress automatically adjusts screen gamma, white point and brightness.
• Calibrate soft proofing displays, light booths and the measure ambient lighting of your press room.
• Generate colour verification charts from imported CGATS data or directly from press ICC profiles. Measure and verify your colour against Δe, ΔH and ΔCh tolerances.
• Verify job specific spot colours while soft proofing.