BlackMagic - Powerful Proofing

BlackMagic - Powerful Proofing


What You Design Is What You Get - Proof your vision right from the design desk.

“Print” to our software from your design application. We'll colour manage and verify your proofs to replicate your client's press process and media. On a calibrated display or in print, deliver your concept knowing it will reflect the final product, without ever stepping in a press room.

Blackmagic Bureau:

Proofing for PDF and postscript files. For pre-press design and advertising studios needing to proof work for publication. Blackmagic Bureau is made for PDF/postscript environments. Bureau can also function as the destination for a Serendipity Blackmagic remote proofing solution.

Benefits at a glance:

• Printing Made Easy: Print jobs directly from your desktop or design application. With operating system integration, it's never been easier to submit your prints.
•Maximum Colour Gamut: You invest in printers, media and ink - we'll return that investment by managing all three to give you optimal colour performance.
• Unlimited Printers: Your software package will drive as many printers, of your selected brand, as you require. Plain and simple, no surprises.
• Save Paper and Minimise Cuts: Time is money, and so is paper. Nesting arranges your images to minimise paper waste and reduce print and cutting times.