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Friday, July 21st, 2017 at 10:43am

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Wacom and Adobe Presentation with Rocco Ancora 25th July 2017


Join Rocco Ancora as he explores a world of new possibilities and digital imaging practices. Rocco will demonstrate how to prepare high-quality images in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and how to establish an efficient editing workflow using Wacom products to help improve techniques, speed and quality in the final edit.

This presentation is aimed at two types of people: People who are considering the purchase of a Wacom Tablet and want to make sure it's a good fit for them; and people who own a Wacom Tablet but feel like they aren't taking full advantage of it. In this course you will learn the advantages of using a Tablet, tips for getting comfortable with the Tablet, how to customise your settings for the Pen, Express Keys and how to use your Tablet with Photoshop and Lightroom to be more accurate and save time.




Portfolio Builder Hands on Fashion Photography Workshop 

Next Lighting Workshop will be a Basic Lighting Course

Don't miss this unique opportunity to shoot a variety of both male and female models in four exciting studio sets but also learn four different lighting techniques, using different types of modifiers and lighting accessories.

This portfolio builder studio flash workshop is designed for amateur and prosumer photographers who are looking to shoot models and learn under some creative direction without the huge expense of hiring agency models, organising complicated shoots, hair an make-up, purchasing or hiring lighting, and finding a studio space and building sets.





Basic Lighting Techniques Using Studio Flash 

Sydney • Melbourne Dates to be publsihed for June Soon

Lighting does more than just expose your image. It’s one of the very basic tools that imagemakers have at their disposal to create an atmosphere for their image. While you need a certain quantity of light to give your image the proper exposure, it’s actually the quality of the light that creates the look for your photograph. If you’re looking for a basic lesson in the differences between hard light and soft light, and what they can do for your image, look no further. For more detailed info on this course click on the more information icon




Epson P800.jpg

Short Version Fine Art Printing Workshop, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane dates will be published in September


Tired of Prints that don’t match your monitor? The fact is all your devices – scanners, digital cameras, monitors, and printers – reproduce colours differently. There are even differences in the way individual printers of the same model manage colour. Many variables affect colour, including your ink and paper type. At Kayell Australia we use specific lighting, spectrophotometers and colour management software to create profiles for all your devices. A profile provides a description of each device’s colour gamut – the range of reproducible colour. You use these profiles in your workflow, and the result is an accurate translation from one device to the next, giving you consistent, predictable colour. If you want to take that next step understanding beyond the basics, this short coarse run by dr Les Walkling will be perfect for you.  




Food and Styling Workshop with Brent Parker Jones September 2017 


Whether you are a foodie posting on social media, a blogger, a small business owner wanting to learn how to take better pictures of food, this workshop is for you.

Learn how to perfectly capture the character of the food – leaving the viewer wanting for the culinary experience. The main focus on this workshop is choosing the right angles, elements of composition and how to enhance the photograph using lighting techniques. All images will be tethered to a large screen for discussion and review.




Artistic Nude Photography Workshop with Cam Attree October 2017


The Art of Nude Photography is a hands on workshop aimed at providing experienced photographers a greater understanding of the basic principles of lighting the nude as well as defining the various genres of nude photography. 

Emphasis will be placed on as much shooting time as possible after an initial demonstration.