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Xlite Nested Apple Box 50cm x 30cm x 22cm


Product Features:

Multipurpose Applications
For Studio or On-Location Use
Made of 9-Ply Wood
Smooth Natural Finish
The 3 smaller sizes in the set store inside the full-sized apple box
The boxes have multiple applications in the studio or on location
Add height to an otherwise short model
Even serve as a bench or stool
Can be Painted or Stained
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Xlite Nested Apple Box 50cm x 30cm x 22cm

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First delivery due Jan 2021

Set of Four Apple Boxes will give you a variety of support heights to level stand legs, adjust apparent talent heights or mount lights for low angle shooting. Of course, they're also handy to sit on during breaks or when waiting between takes.

The kit includes 1 of each

  • Full (30cm x 22cm x 50cm),
  • Half (30cm x 10cm x 50cm),
  • Quarter (30cm x 5cm x 50cm) 
  • 2 x Eighth (30cm x 2.54cm x 50cm) boxes.

Made of 9-ply, they can be used on their own or stacked.


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