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Product Features:

Aluminium Black Design
Anodised Orange leg supports
200cm fully extended
Customise your workstation
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INOVATIV took a new approach to the American Grip stand as the AXIS stand was created. The caster design is tailored to shift the centre of gravity to help offset the risk of the stand tipping over when it is configured into one of the many workstations and is being worked off of on one side of the stand. 

The AXIS Stand is an aluminium black stand with anodised orange leg straps and is height adjustable to fit your workstation needs. When fully extended it is roughly 200cm tall. When collapsed, it’s 128cm long. The AXIS Stand is roughly 7.6cm in diameter. 

AXIS Stands are equipped with INOVATIV’s 8” premium quick-release wheel system. Each wheel is comprised of both strong steel adapters and lightweight aluminium caster parts that feature 100% sealed bearings and INOVATIV’s powerful foot brakes. The wheel system was designed to offset the centre of gravity for increased stability.

The footprint of the wheels with brakes is 96cm wide and 117cm long. It has modular components that include INOVATIV’s well-known wheels and casters to give your stand a smoother ride. 

The AXIS Stand also features a larger section in between the knuckles to allow for different configurations of AXIS accessories to be mounted to the stand. 

With the AXIS vDrop designed accessories, you can easily mount and remove each component to customise your AXIS Stand. The add-on components were designed with the idea of creating a fully customisable creative workstation that can be easily assembled by one person.

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