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INOVATIV Dual Bar includes 2 Convi Clamps


Product Features:

Allows you to mount multiple monitors to Axis
18 x 3/8-16 mounting threads
Includes dual bracket and Convi clamps
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INOVATIV Dual Bar includes 2 Convi Clamps


Need to mount more monitors? Well the Dual Bar gives you the ability to easily mount 2 monitors by simply clamping the Dual Bar to a stand. The advantage of this is that you keep the top section of the stand free for other items like wireless transmitters. The Dual Bar has a total of 18 x 3/8-16 threads providing you several position options for the baby pins to accommodate different sized monitors. We offer 2 type of baby pins. The standard type that will screw-in to the 3/8-16 threaded holes, or our new Crossbar Baby Pin Plug that connects by sliding over the top of the Dual Bar and locking to it using a 1/4-20 bolt. The advantage of this is that the baby pin will not unscrew if the item connected to it rotates.

We have a couple Dual Bar accessories that can be incredibly helpful. First if you need to offset a baby pin from the Dual Bar, you can do this using our Dual Bar Baby Pin Bracket with Pin. There are 18 locations on the Dual Bar where the Baby Pin Bracket can be connected. The Small Hook can also be added to help with cable management of monitors, transmitters, or simply to hold an item.

Configure your Dual Bar with standard baby pins or our Crossbar Baby Pin Plugs and add up to two Pro Monitor Mounts. Baby Pin Bracket with Pin and the Small Hook are accessories that can be added separately.


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