Datacolor Spyder Checkr Rep Card

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    Replacment SpyderCHECKR Cards
    Consistent Colour Control for RAW Imaging
    White, Gray, and Gray Ramp Patches
    Colour Target Includes Skintone Samples
    Works with Adobe Camera RAW (ACR)
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    Datacolor Spyder Checkr Rep Card

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    Over time the colors on your SpyderCheckr™ color cards will fade with exposure to any light source. This gradual fading will eventually affect the accuracy of color balance in your photography workflow. When you notice the red patch has changed to a yellow-orange color* in the FadeCheckr window at the bottom left corner inside the Checkr, it is time to replace the color cards. This will assure you have the true spectrally engineered colors for all 48 patches on the two cards, providing you with the utmost in color accuracy for your photography.

    These are easy to install. Just click here to download the installation guide.

    *Note – some earlier SpyderCheckr™ products had only one light exposure red patch that is visible through the FadeCheckr window. Products manufactured after December 2010 have two patches for ease in determining the amount of fading (one is hidden behind the frame inside the Checkr when the cards are in place).